Resolvex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (the “Company”) is a private biopharmaceutical company founded in August 2016 in British Columbia. The company focuses on the discovery, research, development and commercialization of novel small molecule therapeutics derived from naturally occurring trans-hydroxystilbenes. It is known that hydroxystilbenes are privileged molecular structures that possess a diverse spectrum of biomedical activities. In most cases, however, the biological mechanism of action (MOA) of these compounds are not well understood. Resolvex’s competency is to elucidate these mechanisms and harness their potential to develop innovative and effective pharmaceutical products for major unmet medical needs.  

Resolvex’s core strength is early stage drug discovery and development of a robust pipeline of new drug candidates.  The business strategy of the Company is to generate a convincing set of proof-of-concept clinical data, within the shortest possible time period and in the most cost-effective manner. The value of the Company will be created through collecting medical evidence and making timely progress through the regulatory process required for therapeutic approval.